Living in Cape Town / South Africa.


In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Microsoft Office Suite. Familiar with Functionality and Implementation of most Design & Web Technologies.


. Hands-on Industry Experience.

. Strong Typography Understanding.

. Strong Screen Layout & Visual Design.

. Strong Grasp of Colour Theory & Palettes.

. Rapid Design Prototyping.

. Creative Photo Manipulation.

Ability to Conceptualize Multiple / Unique Designs within Tight Time Frames..

Firm Understanding of Web Production & Graphic Optimization. 



. South African Arts Association / Prize for Painting
. South African Arts Association / Prize for Graphic Print-making.
. SA Medical Journal / Illustration competition.
. Canadian Film Festival Poster Design / !st Prize / Illustration.
. London Advertising and Film / Corporate / Goldfields-Illustration.
. London Advertising and Film / SABC TV / Advertising & Illustration Campaign.
. New York Advertising and Film Festival / Photography / Packaging / Burhose Cameo.
. Smithsonian Institute USA Corporate Design / Professional Fruits campaign. Artwork
housed in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum, USA.

. Everard Reed sculpture competition / 1st Prize.
. ‘Absolut Vodka’ Absolut Creation / International Travelling Sculpture exhibition.
. New York Advertising and Film Festival / Elite Cheese Campaign / Illustration. Best Campaign Illustrations out of 30 thousand entrants.
. Smithsonian Institute USA photography poster for the Harlem Dance Co NY / Artwork housed in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Museum, USA.
. Nomination for best Cutlery Design of the Year / ‘Bon Appetit’ San Francisco Gourmet & Wine Magazine.


Japanese AD Black Books / Illustrations and Photography.
European Illustrator Annuals / Illustrations.
Japanese Creative Annuals / Illustration and Photography.
Playboy Magazine / Illustrations.
Penthouse Magazine / Illustrations.
Chinese Whispers Magazine / Illustration.
‘Bon Appetit’ Magazine San Francisco / Product Design.
‘Ma-Maison’ San Francisco / Product Design.
‘Banal of Illustration’ Annuals Germany / Illustrations.
European Art Director Annuals / Illustration and Photography.



WITS Gauteng / Joint Lecturer and Student Exhibit.
WITS Gauteng / Painting and Print Making Exhibit.
Craig Gallery Gauteng / Painting & Sculpture 1st Solo Exhibitition.
Shell Gallery Gauteng / Painting - Joint Exhibit.
London Earls Court ‘TOP DRAW’
Gauteng ‘Absolut Vodka’ / Sculpture.
Cape Town ‘Absolut Vodka’ / Sculpture.
Switzerland ‘ Absolut Museum' / Sculpture.
LA ‘Convention Centre’ / International Gift Fair.
New York ‘Javids Centre’ / International Gift Fair.
Milan ‘Macef’ / New Nouveau Tabletop Exhibition.
Frankfurt ‘Ambienta’ / High Design.
Atlanta “Gift Mart’ / Tabletop Exhibition.
Toronto ‘CGTA International Fair’Tabletop Exhibition.
San Francisco ‘Conference Centre’ / High Design.
Montreal ‘International Gift Fair’ / High Design.
Dallas 'International Gift Fair' / High Design.
Birmingham / High Design.
Chicago Gift Fair / High Design.
Sofia Gallery Simons Town / Painting.
Gardens Centre Cape Town / Painting.
‘Art 1’ Cape Town / Painting.
Tibetan Festival / Painting & Jewellery.
Cavendish Centre / Painting & Drawing.
Cape Town, 223 Long Street Gallery / Jewellery.
Hoodwinks Cape Town / Digital Illustration.
GreyScale Gallery Gauteng / Digital Illustration.
"The Last Society' London / Digital Illustration.


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